This is how it all began…

The standard scented candles from the Candle Factory are available in three different varieties: votive candles, party lights and melts.

These votive candles, party lights and melts have been produced as scented candles for many decades now. They have stood the test of time as a result of perfect scent compositions based on natural and nature-identical oils. The purpose is a positive influence on the ambience through pleasant aromatic scents.

Votive candles should only be used in a suitable holder, as they will completely liquefy.

Party lights are cast directly into a whisky glass, and they should be left to burn down in them.

Melts are placed, instead of water and oil, in the dish of an oil burner, where they are melted by a teelight. Thus they offer a clean alternative to scented oils. Melts can also serve as room fresheners, for example in the bathroom or in the wardrobe.

Storm lamp candles – a versatile product

The Jumbos were intitally thought of as a summer product, but today they are in great demand all year round and are available in two different sizes.
The naturally pure stearin is cast in a high-quality, heat-resistant decorative glass from Weck®.
The glass additionally prevents any spills and splattering; therefore the storm lamp candles make excellent safety candles. The glass lid can be used to easily extinguish the candle.
The Jumbos burn down cleanly, even though they leave behind residual wax to begin with.
They are ideal for use outdoors or, for example, on set tables.

The current range of colours and scents for the Jumbos can be be found here.

Our popular Jumbo series has grown: introducing the Smart Jumbo.

This latest addition is a sterin scented candle in a modern, curved glass from Weck®.
Fresh colour and scent compositions provide for mood and pleasant scent in rooms. These can be found here.
The appropriate glass lid and fastenings complete the candle and offer you the possibility to use the holders in various other ways.

…. the XXL Jumbo!

This new collection consists of giant stearin scented candles in the familiar Weck® glass holders. Fresh colour and scent compositions provide for a pleasant atmosphere on the table and terrace and in any lantern – have a look more.

Top sellers through synergy.

Since 2012, our wellness scented candles have been a complement to our scented bath pillows from Sensena, available in retail from the Candle Factory.

The wellness scented candles are aromatic stearin candles that are cast in angular glass holders.

The reason for the success of the candles newly introduced in 2012 is due not only to the holder but also the synergistic effect through combination of scented candle and bath aroma pillow.
The various scents of the wellness scented candles can be found here.

Please be aware that stated burn durations may vary.

Our storm lamp candles, which are better known as Jumbos, were launched in addition to our scented candles in order to be able to offer our customers scent-neutral stearin candles particularly for use around the house and in the garden.

Initially thought of as a summer product, the Jumbos are now in high demand all year round. These days the Jumbos are also increasingly available in scented versions (see p. 18 and following).
The distinctive feature of the Jumbos is the heat-resistant glass from the brand Weck® which protects from spluttering and spilling of the candle and therefore makes for Jumbos as excellent safety candles in lanterns, on table settings or other decorative arrangements.

Because of this, the Jumbos don’t create any unnecessary mess when inside decorative containers such as vases.

The storm lamp candles burn down cleanly with a low-soot flame. At the beginning the flame might burn a hole down the middle of the candle, leaving a rim of wax in the glass which will gradually dissolve. The glass lid allows for the candle to be easily extinguished.

The Jumbos are brilliantly suited for outdoor use because the glass protects the flame to the greatest possible extent from draught and wind.
Many in the gastronomy industry are increasingly using our storm lamp candles for their table settings to create a decorative ambience without constantly having to change the candles.

Big & Mini Jumbo

In the past, after the success of the scent-neutral Jumbos, the demand for scented storm lantern candles grew immensely. Our first scents, citronella and strawberry-rhubarb, confirm that the need is great enough that we have concentrated to this day on development of scented Jumbos for our product range. Alongside familiar scents such as French vanilla and almond-caramel we now offer the new varieties strawberry-vanilla, lavender-lemongrass and tonic.

Our crystal candle combines to perfection the highest of candle art and scent composition. It constitutes the highlight in the multitude of high-quality candle creations from the Candle Factory.
The crystal candle is enriched with SWAROWSKI® ELEMENTS; a 14mm tall glass crystal appears once the candle has burnt down completely.

Treat yourself, delight others and let yourself be enchanted by the combination of exquisite perfume oils and natural palm wax melded together as a scented candle – a gift which, individually packaged, is perfect for any occasion.

The crystal candle is available in four different scents: harmony, feelings, pure love and romance.